In late 2005. a star was born, Starbags.eu! The company founder, Oliana Spiridopoulos decided to make women across the globe happy by offering them the opportunity to own authentic designer goods at truly affordable prices. Her MBA and international background, as well as her insider knowledge of the fashion world through her mother who was a fashion designer,  gave her an advantage that quickly saw the company grow from just handbags to everything fashionable such as clothing, shoes and accessories, with the men’s collection the latest addition.  

Through 8 years of solid growth the company has remained faithful to and stands by its ethical standards. Authenticity is the one thing the company does not compromise on. Everything displayed on the website is rigorously inspected by a panel of experts and only when they give the green light is a product admitted for sale.

We only hire people whose backgrounds are connected with fashion, people who have fashion “in their blood”. This way we make sure all our employees are happy to be working for us and put in the required long hours with pleasure!

Finally it’s the company’s personal approach that makes all our customers feel they are members of a club. We make every effort to keep in regular touch with our customers by email and phone and it pays dividends!

We invite you too to become part of our growing international community of (extremely!) satisfied shoppers, safe in the knowledge that buying from us means buying the best, at the best condition and at the best prices on the market.

Happy shopping!!


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